review: pandora rose two hearts spacer charm

express the harmonious union of your love with this radiant pandora rose spacer charm.over the years my pandora jewellery collection has grown and yet i still only possess a couple of pandora spacer charms. although i often admire the spacer charms released in each collection, they never seem to make it to the top of my list. however the gorgeous pandora rose two hearts spacer charms  from the pandora valentine’s 2018 collection were not only on my wish list, they were number one!the pandora two hearts spacer is available in both pandora rose and silver versions. although the silver version is also very sweet, i personally prefer the combination of the ruby red cubic zirconia stone with the pandora rose.

that being said though, i love the idea of an assortment of both designs worn in a cluster together on a bracelet or necklace. the idea of it makes me think of a line of sweeties!the pandora rose gold charms two hearts spacer bears a cute claret coloured cubic zirconia on one side, thus supplying the second heart to the charms design. the opposite side is decorated with the valentine’s 2018 theme message: you & me.the pandora rose two hearts spacer appears almost two dimensional with it’s sheer, flat edges. its slimline form resembles a slice of bread from a heart-shaped loaf!

pandora rose hallmarks are slightly different to those on silver pandora jewellery. the pandora rose two hearts spacer has ‘j2 ale r’ stamped on one side at the bottom of the heart.i discovered that the pandora rose two hearts spacer is too magnificent to just have one… so i got two! this allows me to ensure each of my spacer pandora charms exhibits a different face on the bracelet so the sparkling gem and affectionate message can both be first design titled ‘you me & disney’, presents love at every angle with the limited edition pandora disney mickey & minnie love icon charm and it’s forward facing heart and the pandora rose two heart spacers bookending the design.

the cherry red stone from the two heart spacers charm highlight the ruby cubic zirconia of minnie’s mentioned earlier, i would love to style a cluster of both versions of the two pandora hearts spacer charm and i believe they would look fantastic as they jumble together. unfortunately, i do not have an endless pandora budget and so have made do with both of my pandora rose two heart spacers nestled above the 2017 club pandora charm on the pandora necklace third styling, ‘the colour of love’, features the fascinating faceted pandora rose intertwining radiance and pink shimmer murano along with the pretty pink glitter murano.

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