review: pandora dreamy dragonfly charm

i have always been fascinated with dragonflies. their shimmering iridescent wings, elegant beauty and graceful dancing captures the imagination and it is easy to understand why dragonflies are loved in many cultures. so of course the gorgeous pandora jewelry dreamy dragonfly charm from the 2018 spring collection was a definite must have for me!at first glance, the dreamy dragonfly charm appears very similar to the galaxy charm as both have criss crossing silver strands and sparkling cubic zirconia stones. however, a dainty dragonfly graces the top of the dreamy dragonfly charm and its glistening body merges into the silver thread.

the dreamy dragonfly charm is incredibly shiny and other than the dragonfly element itself, pandora charm bracelet has very little oxidisation. the larger two of the dragonfly’s wings contain an intricate design with oxidisation detail filling the imprint. one of the dragonfly’s smaller wings is open and the second is oxidised in the middle.the shimmering stones which decorate the dragonfly’s body, blend seamlessly into the smooth, silver ribbon on the dreamy dragonfly charm. the space between each gem gradually increases, creating a wonderful effect that suggests the whirling dance of the dragonfly.

the new pandora logo hallmark ‘p2 s925 ale’ is stamped around one of the openings on the dreamy dragonfly charm. dreamy dragonfly charm pandora blog blogger new spring summer pre autumn collectionthe standard ‘pandora’ hallmark is engraved on the opposite side of the dreamy dragonfly my first styling of the dreamy dragonfly charm, i used a rainbow of murano charms to replicate the shimmering colours of a dragonfly. the classic pandora moments bracelet and ribbed clips provide a simple understated beauty for this look. nature themed openwork charms alternate between the pastel shades and their lightweight feel contrasts against the solid murano glass.

the new promise of spring charm compliments the style wonderfully with it’s little beaded dragonfly. the cubic zirconia laced dazzling daisy meadow and dragonfly meadow charms sit either side of the dreamy dragonfly pandora us and the butterfly garden and floral padlock charms complete the wild garden theme.the rainbow trail stars with the pink glitter murano followed by the sweet pink field of flowers and the retired pink butterfly kisses murano. the purple field of flowers murano blends into the gorgeous enchanted garden murano which melts into a cool blue with the ice drops murano charm. the hand painted blue butterflies kisses softens the vibrant disney jasmine’s signature colour murano and the mint glitter murano charm holds the gold at the end of the rainbow!

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