pandora us halloween 2018 charms

today brings a brief update on a couple of new pandora jewellery halloween charms that recently launched for collectors in the us! pandora didn’t do anything for halloween for years, but finally got back in the game with some us-exclusive engraved charms last year. this year, they’ve continued this trend with two new us-exclusive halloween designs.these came out last week with the autumn 2018 collection, and are available to buy now – read on for a fuller look at them!the first is this adorable hocus pocus dangle, with some very cute enamel detailing!

it’s a little pricey at $75 usd, but very nicely done.the bootiful pandora charm is a button-style regular bead – it’s very similar to the wildly popular my boo heart charm that came out last year, and offers a new ghostly pun to enjoy! it’s $65 usd. of course, for those who aren’t in the us, the sweet pumpkin just came out worldwide and is a little cheaper, too, as it’s all silver:i absolutely love the cute hocus pocus bead, but my halloween bracelet is quite nicely balanced for dangles as it is!

i’ve changed it a little bit since this photo – the old-school clip dreamcatcher safety pandora us has been added – but the layout is fundamentally the same. i’ll definitely be getting the sweet pumpkin for it, though. as for the bootiful charm, i like the idea of it, with the ghost’s funny little eyelashes and bow, but the execution isn’t quite there imo – the ghost looks a bit like pacman, and the bow is a little like a plaster .as a quick psa, i’ve been a bit snowed under lately, so there probably won’t be a news round-up for this month – plus, most of what i’d report is still embargoed!

hopefully that will be sorted soon. i’m also going to try and get round to comments asap!i’ve bought myself the adorable bruno from the autumn collection, and he’s been worn on his own on my new silver sliding bracelet. i wasn’t sure initially about the pandora charm bracelet, but having got used to wearing it, i am really loving it!I love the pumpkin, and the hocus pocus, and I kind of like bootiful. If it looks like a “boo boo” with a band aid, maybe even better for halloween.

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