pandora spring 2018 review round-up

it’s almost time for the pandora jewelry autumn 2018 launch on thursday, but today i’m harking back to spring 2018 for the final time with a round-up of charm reviews!we begin with the sweetly oxidised spring bird house charm – this wasn’t a bead that i originally intended on getting, but seeing it in other people’s designs really won me over. the openwork design works well here, and the bead still has both weight and character – the little bird is very sweet, and it’s a nice little charm to have perched amongst other pandora floral charms.they’ve conveyed the dark texture of the wood very well with the use of oxidised grooves on the silver, which set off the little silver bird on its perch so nicely.

pandora have in recent years opted for very shiny, unoxidised pieces, so to see them embrace this as a form of detailing again is really true pandora fashion, there are hidden hearts within this design – the little bird’s perch is carved into a heart silhouette. i for one really like this traditional in pandora charms – i feel like it’s part of the brand’s charm, and i don’t find it distracting in the way that i do their quotes and messages.i still find the message on the back of the charm – sweet home – a bit unnecessary. the only other thing to note is that it is quite large and angular, so it’s not the easiest to style.

moving on, the little bird alights this time on the delightful enchanted teacup. one of the things i liked most about the pandora spring 2018 was the repetition of the bird motif, a pretty recurring thread among the different pandora charm bracelet. the teacup itself has beautifully ornate detailing around the cup, but my favourite detail is the adorable little spoon!the pink enamel of the teacup varies between charms – some are a delicate, soft shade, and some are bright, vibrant pink, which works less well. as some have commented, people don’t drink pink tea, and they certainly don’t drink bright pink tea! on this basis, it’s worth picking out this bead in person.

my final item is my very first pandora petite – the ladybug. i’ve not bought a floating locket or any other petites previously (i’m just not quite sure that they are my style), and if there had been a regular pandora box version of this bead, i suspect i’d have bought that. however, there isn’t, and i just loved the combination of the pretty purple enamel and the oxidised spots in the design of this ladybug bead. it’s just so eye-catching and person, the contrast between the ladybird and the purple isn’t quite as striking, but it’s so cute nevertheless. i’ve put him in the floating locket charm and styled him amongst my other spring charms.

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