pandora disney autumn 2018 collection

the pandora disney autumn 2018 collection will be released on thursday 30th august.i am delighted to have a new cat charm option from pandora jewellery and i think he’s purrfect! a definite must have for me!let your conscience be your guide with the new jiminy cricket dangle charm. jiminy hangs beneath a floating blue enamel umbrella, ready to help pinocchio on his adventures. always the gentleman, or gentle cricket, jiminy is dressed with impeccable taste in his iconic top hat and tails. this wonderful charm really captures the essence of walt disney’s pinocchio and it’s another one for my wish list!

of course if figaro and jiminy cricket are around then pinocchio must be too! this wonderful silver dangle comes alive and turns into a real boy complete with movable arms and legs! a trail of shimmering stones are set into the slender bale for a hint of pandora at disney magic. with his little bow tie and hat the curious pinocchio is ready to come to life on his adventures. this is another wonderful charm that will be coming home with me! the moveable limbs are an fun idea but i wonder if his nose grows if he lies?inspired by the sweet melody in disney’s pinocchio is this pretty star shaped charm.

blue and clear stones and blue enamel mix together to create a beautiful night sky on one side of the pandora charms. the reverse is engraved with the whimsical line ‘when you wish upon a star’ and framed with pale blue stones. similar to the tinker bell star from the pandora disney spring 2016 collection this charm has 10 points instead of five. i am very tempted by this charm as it is full of nostalgia and is based on one of my favourite disney songs. i’m predicting this charm will be popular with long term pandora collectors as it has an old style pandora appeal. it’s definitely on my wish list.this beautiful book is perfect for the ‘fairytale’ theme of the pandora autumn 2018 collection.

this is a fun addition to the pandora disney snow white charms and i am sure it will be very popular. however now pandora has created a super cute snow white’s bird charm which won’t ever fly away! the little bird has a sparkling pavé plumage and sings sweetly while perched on a little branch. snow white’s sweet innocent face also decorates a new heart shaped disney clip. just a dash of red enamel on snow white’s hairband, brightens this simple design. i’m pleased that pandora charm bracelet have produced another disney clip option but i am not very fond of heart shaped clips so this version won’t be on my wish list.join the disney villains on the dark side with the striking evil queen’s black magic charm!

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