iridescent rainbow murano from pandora spring 2018

today’s post starts of the week with my next pandora jewelry 2018 review, offering a closer look at the iridescent rainbow murano! this was one of the first pieces leaked from the spring collection, and it instantly caught my attention. it eventually became a little eclipsed by the beauty of the enchanted garden glass from the same collection, but with its delicate use of colour and cheerful detailing, it’s definitely worthy of of the things that i love most about this bead is its vibrant use of colour, capturing the spectrum of a cheerful spring sky without being too primary and brash in tone.

the colours aren’t quite full rainbow – we have pastel green, blue, yellow, light purple and dark purple – but this creates a more subtle effect that is easier to style and none the less pretty.however, i had to go through a few pandora  charms to find this nice one – when i first went to purchase this, the store i visited only had one left. i didn’t buy it, as the rainbow was very small and not all the stripes were complete. i sound like a broken record, i know, but again, this is one to choose in store. as pandora’s murano designs grow more complex, the variation in detail becomes even greater!

as you can see from the profile view, the glass itself is clear, with the colour wrapped around the core.pandora bracelet colour is beautifully vibrant in person, and it varies according to the light, appearing a deeper or a lighter blue. the contrast of the white cloud against it is stunning, and the flecks of glitter in the glass really bring this out.the murano has the smaller silver core with branding on just the one side, which reveals more of the glass design from sideways on. i love how you can see the clouds and rainbows drifting through the glass from this view!

pandora logo the heart of freedom, with its pretty bird motif, fits in with the idea of soaring and blue skies really nicely. the birthday blooms are mainly there for complementary colours, but also to give the idea of these vibrant blue skies over pretty spring meadows, etc.the rainbow murano goes really beautifully with the us exclusive so many reasons to be happy dangle, which is probably my favourite engraved piece that pandora has done so far.i also had an idea for a ‘pot of gold’ bracelet, but i didn’t really have the right pieces.

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