pandora spring 2018 review round-up

it’s almost time for the pandora jewelry autumn 2018 launch on thursday, but today i’m harking back to spring 2018 for the final time with a round-up of charm reviews!we begin with the sweetly oxidised spring bird house charm – this wasn’t a bead that i originally intended on getting, but seeing it in other people’s designs really won me over. the openwork design works well here, and the bead still has both weight and character – the little bird is very sweet, and it’s a nice little charm to have perched amongst other pandora floral charms.they’ve conveyed the dark texture of the wood very well with the use of oxidised grooves on the silver, which set off the little silver bird on its perch so nicely.

pandora have in recent years opted for very shiny, unoxidised pieces, so to see them embrace this as a form of detailing again is really true pandora fashion, there are hidden hearts within this design – the little bird’s perch is carved into a heart silhouette. i for one really like this traditional in pandora charms – i feel like it’s part of the brand’s charm, and i don’t find it distracting in the way that i do their quotes and messages.i still find the message on the back of the charm – sweet home – a bit unnecessary. the only other thing to note is that it is quite large and angular, so it’s not the easiest to style.

moving on, the little bird alights this time on the delightful enchanted teacup. one of the things i liked most about the pandora spring 2018 was the repetition of the bird motif, a pretty recurring thread among the different pandora charm bracelet. the teacup itself has beautifully ornate detailing around the cup, but my favourite detail is the adorable little spoon!the pink enamel of the teacup varies between charms – some are a delicate, soft shade, and some are bright, vibrant pink, which works less well. as some have commented, people don’t drink pink tea, and they certainly don’t drink bright pink tea! on this basis, it’s worth picking out this bead in person.

my final item is my very first pandora petite – the ladybug. i’ve not bought a floating locket or any other petites previously (i’m just not quite sure that they are my style), and if there had been a regular pandora box version of this bead, i suspect i’d have bought that. however, there isn’t, and i just loved the combination of the pretty purple enamel and the oxidised spots in the design of this ladybug bead. it’s just so eye-catching and person, the contrast between the ladybird and the purple isn’t quite as striking, but it’s so cute nevertheless. i’ve put him in the floating locket charm and styled him amongst my other spring charms.

pandora new moments925 silver open bracelet

this season, pandora jewellery launched the new moments 925 silver open bracelet. this versatile bracelet will give you a new look and feel, and innovative concepts enrich your styling options. the moments 925 silver open bangle brings a touch of new touch to the world of pandora jewellery, bringing you more collocation and styling options. the new open-ended bracelets allow bracelet lovers to pair with existing string ornaments and add more options to women looking for new bracelets. if you are buying a bracelet for the first time, this classic modern jewellery is also a good choice.

like all hand-finished pandora jewellery, the new open-ended pandora bracelet is crafted from high-quality ingredients that meet ethical sourcing standards. the carefully selected cubic zirconia is a subtle blend of sparkling 925 silver. two designs (each in three sizes) are also available, each containing two fixed beads and interchangeable retaining clips designed for open bracelets. the classic sparkling fastening buckle has a built-in silicone gasket for fixing the string. the fixed beads are beautiful and practical, both fixing the end of the bracelet and showing the beauty of the elegant details.

the pandora logo is the perfect choice for classic styles, and the dazzling spherical pavé beading creates a glamorous statement of character. unscrew the fixed beads, add string ornaments between the fixed buckles, and then screw the fixed beads to open the shape of your open bracelet. mix and match with other fixed beads, or increase the number of fixed buckles, change the style, you can also match pandora’s dazzling small string ornaments to add light to the brilliance; you can also stagger the fixed beads to create a simple style without strings.mix and match with different bracelets, metal materials, color schemes and textures.

deductive wrist style. the modern and simple design creates two different styles of open-ended pandora charm bracelet, low-key pandora logo fixing beads, adding a new taste to the classic, sparkling pavé fixing beads for a moment of eye-catching.pandora jewelry is not only a bracelet, but also a ring, necklace and earrings that can be freely matched. for modern fashion women, it is the key to finding confidence and success by taking a little thought and choosing the jewelry that suits their temperament and style and shaping their own personal taste.

pandora disney autumn 2018 collection

the pandora disney autumn 2018 collection will be released on thursday 30th august.i am delighted to have a new cat charm option from pandora jewellery and i think he’s purrfect! a definite must have for me!let your conscience be your guide with the new jiminy cricket dangle charm. jiminy hangs beneath a floating blue enamel umbrella, ready to help pinocchio on his adventures. always the gentleman, or gentle cricket, jiminy is dressed with impeccable taste in his iconic top hat and tails. this wonderful charm really captures the essence of walt disney’s pinocchio and it’s another one for my wish list!

of course if figaro and jiminy cricket are around then pinocchio must be too! this wonderful silver dangle comes alive and turns into a real boy complete with movable arms and legs! a trail of shimmering stones are set into the slender bale for a hint of pandora at disney magic. with his little bow tie and hat the curious pinocchio is ready to come to life on his adventures. this is another wonderful charm that will be coming home with me! the moveable limbs are an fun idea but i wonder if his nose grows if he lies?inspired by the sweet melody in disney’s pinocchio is this pretty star shaped charm.

blue and clear stones and blue enamel mix together to create a beautiful night sky on one side of the pandora charms. the reverse is engraved with the whimsical line ‘when you wish upon a star’ and framed with pale blue stones. similar to the tinker bell star from the pandora disney spring 2016 collection this charm has 10 points instead of five. i am very tempted by this charm as it is full of nostalgia and is based on one of my favourite disney songs. i’m predicting this charm will be popular with long term pandora collectors as it has an old style pandora appeal. it’s definitely on my wish list.this beautiful book is perfect for the ‘fairytale’ theme of the pandora autumn 2018 collection.

this is a fun addition to the pandora disney snow white charms and i am sure it will be very popular. however now pandora has created a super cute snow white’s bird charm which won’t ever fly away! the little bird has a sparkling pavé plumage and sings sweetly while perched on a little branch. snow white’s sweet innocent face also decorates a new heart shaped disney clip. just a dash of red enamel on snow white’s hairband, brightens this simple design. i’m pleased that pandora charm bracelet have produced another disney clip option but i am not very fond of heart shaped clips so this version won’t be on my wish list.join the disney villains on the dark side with the striking evil queen’s black magic charm!

review: pandora rose two hearts spacer charm

express the harmonious union of your love with this radiant pandora rose spacer charm.over the years my pandora jewellery collection has grown and yet i still only possess a couple of pandora spacer charms. although i often admire the spacer charms released in each collection, they never seem to make it to the top of my list. however the gorgeous pandora rose two hearts spacer charms  from the pandora valentine’s 2018 collection were not only on my wish list, they were number one!the pandora two hearts spacer is available in both pandora rose and silver versions. although the silver version is also very sweet, i personally prefer the combination of the ruby red cubic zirconia stone with the pandora rose.

that being said though, i love the idea of an assortment of both designs worn in a cluster together on a bracelet or necklace. the idea of it makes me think of a line of sweeties!the pandora rose gold charms two hearts spacer bears a cute claret coloured cubic zirconia on one side, thus supplying the second heart to the charms design. the opposite side is decorated with the valentine’s 2018 theme message: you & me.the pandora rose two hearts spacer appears almost two dimensional with it’s sheer, flat edges. its slimline form resembles a slice of bread from a heart-shaped loaf!

pandora rose hallmarks are slightly different to those on silver pandora jewellery. the pandora rose two hearts spacer has ‘j2 ale r’ stamped on one side at the bottom of the heart.i discovered that the pandora rose two hearts spacer is too magnificent to just have one… so i got two! this allows me to ensure each of my spacer pandora charms exhibits a different face on the bracelet so the sparkling gem and affectionate message can both be first design titled ‘you me & disney’, presents love at every angle with the limited edition pandora disney mickey & minnie love icon charm and it’s forward facing heart and the pandora rose two heart spacers bookending the design.

the cherry red stone from the two heart spacers charm highlight the ruby cubic zirconia of minnie’s mentioned earlier, i would love to style a cluster of both versions of the two pandora hearts spacer charm and i believe they would look fantastic as they jumble together. unfortunately, i do not have an endless pandora budget and so have made do with both of my pandora rose two heart spacers nestled above the 2017 club pandora charm on the pandora necklace third styling, ‘the colour of love’, features the fascinating faceted pandora rose intertwining radiance and pink shimmer murano along with the pretty pink glitter murano.

pandora autumn 2018 collection

now it is time for the pandora jewellery autumn 2018 collection!over the years i have noticed that the pandora autumn collections tend to be my favourite of the year and the pandora autumn 2018 collection is no different! the collection is comprised of a swirly regal theme, a fun fairytale theme and some amazing new glass!this year has been the ‘year of the bracelets’ for pandora with more and more new designs and concepts being released.

the fun padlock style was first seen with the lock your promise heart clasp pandora bracelet which was released as part of the pandora valentines 2018 collection.i am really happy to see more variations of the lock clasp and i love this swirly script design and am especially pleased to see that it is cubic zirconia free!with a touch of renaissance style this sparkling silver cuff features a delicate lace weave edged with a wavy border of glittering stones. love hearts in two sizes alternate along the bangle adding a hint of fancy. the lace of love bracelet cuff is available in three sizes; 16cm, 17.5cm and 19cm. while i am excited to see pandora exploring new ideas and producing fresh designs, this cuff style bangle isn’t to my taste.padlocks are a big part of the pandora autumn 2018 collection including a new pandora rose bracelet with a padlock clasp.

the heraldic radiance design with pink and purple crystals form a floral style padlock clasp which can be removed and worn it on other bracelets or a pandora necklace. although i quite like the padlock clasp idea and i love the fact it can mixed and matched with other pandora jewellery, i’m not at all in love with the heraldic radiance motif.the fantastic open bangle is now available in pandora rose! i am delighted about this release as the open bangle is my go to bracelet (in fact i’m wearing right now) as it is so quick and easy to style. as my pandora rose collection is fairly small, the pandora rose open bangle will be a wonderful way to display my favourite charms.

for me the pandora rose gold charms open bangle is a definite must have and i’m excited about the creative possibilities of swapping the silver and pandora rose end caps and spacers around for a two tone look.the glamorous pandora rose sparkling strand bracelet will add an elegant touch to your outfit. the sliding clasp allows you to adjust the bracelet to fit your wrist.glittering and textured grains softly chime against each on this beautiful bracelet inspired by fields ready for harvest. the design is part chain and part solid bangle, creating a stunning bracelet with a comfortable fit. this limited edition bangle is presented in exclusive packaging and is available online and in selected concept stores, while stocks last.

pandora 2018 introduces the new material pandora shine series.

this season, pandora’s selection of new precious metal materials, the pandora shine series, makes the gorgeous gold ornaments more accessible. the pandora jewelry shine made of 18k gold plated 925 silver core is a new design of the pandora precious metal series, which continues the highly sought after. the classic design of 925 silver and pandora rose jewellery creates yet another fascinating collection.the new 18k gold-plated 925 silver core creates a fascinating bee-shaped jewel that interprets nature. as a pandora shine’s “bee’s my heart” series of jewellery, it is made of 18k gold plated 925 silver core.

the new design adds a touch of new touch to the pandora charm bracelet signature snake-shaped bracelet, and the sliding clasp and the new mix of end buckles add a different look to any look.a limited edition collection of jewellery that captures the beauty of the honeycomb geometry, making it easy to create a glamorous look. pandora shine, a new precious metal made of 18k gold-plated 925 silver core, has a lustrous golden hue that adds to the unique design of the season. “bee” 靡 my heart series features lace texture and transparent cubic zirconia shaped like condensed honey.

the limited edition bee shape is perfectly matched with other hand-finished jewels in the series.stunning details add elegance to everyday styling. it can be worn alone or mixed with your natural style.the new pandora shine collection, with its hand-crafted new 18k gold-plated 925 silver core jewellery collection, highlights your beauty. inspired by the sun, pandora promise rings highlights the wearer’s uniqueness and individuality, allowing women to express their true feelings, from the inside out, to the radiant glow. whether it’s “bee’s my heart” and the bright sun series, or pandora’s new classic series limited edition, pandora shine is the ideal choice for a bright-eyed bronze look.

mix and match the new pandora rose gold ring collection to unleash your natural brilliance. the new color, huaguang shines.embossed in the embossed sun on the metal and adorned with bright and dark enamel, the innovative styles of necklaces, pendants, rings and string ornaments are radiant. pandora shine continues its iconic design and blends with the must-have items of this season. casual mix and match to create a unique combination of styling. show the unique style of each side of the female.

pandora birthday stone series

founded in copenhagen in 1982, the internationally renowned danish jewellery brand pandora combines classic craftsmanship with exquisite and unique design with innovative technology to create beautiful jewellery with precious materials and at a reasonable price. pandora jewellery captures the unforgettable moments of life with the unique temperament of romantic and feminine jewels. at the same time, it shows women’s precious inner price and expresses their personal style. the bright colors show the beauty of life, the exquisite flower cuts reflect the shining light and shadow, pandora birthday water drops series, with 12 different colors to create a different personality. the main beauty of the colorful and beautiful, the beauty of the light and shadow,combine the beautiful colors with the symbolic meaning of birthday.

it is a 12-month birthday drop, showing different pandora charms of different cultures. the hot garnet in january is the birthday of january. the garnet’s honey is tired and smooth, and the bright red is a symbol of passion, strength and adventure. in february, the glare of lavender shines, representing noble, quiet and inner strength, while purple symbolizes imagination, creativity and firm belief. march sea blue is the color of march, elegant blue tone, reminiscent of pure spring water and sincere emotions. the sacred color symbolizes loyalty, spirituality and eternity. april’s clear crystal is the april birthday drop, and the exquisite flower buds cut out to be dazzling, a symbol of patience, tenacity and purity. from clear to fuzzy, white is the color of purity, innocence and hope.

may royal green is the color of may. the shiny effect of the cutting surface symbolizes the new life and growth. pandora bracelet the bright green color represents nature, wisdom and success. the mysterious gray moonstone in june is the birthday drop of june, which is reflected in the moon, showing the beauty of balance and harmony. the shades of silver and gray represent the calm elegance.the vibrant red of july is the color of july, representing the symbol of enthusiasm, courage and courage and giving the wearer the power to fight fear. the burning red glow conveys love, passion and adventure. peridot is the birthday drop of august, which can calm emotions, strengthen friendship and bring good fortune. responding to nature, the vivid olivine tones symbolize new life, growth and prosperity.

the portrait born in september is a deep blue, representing the beliefs of the nobility: truth, sincerity, wisdom and innocence. pandora necklace the exquisite cutting surface shines brightly and radiantly, giving off confidence and peace and trust. october purple pink is the color of the october birthday drop, giving the wearer a gentle side. the charming purple pink reflects the colorful light and shadow, conveying the love, care and support of honey. huang jing is the birthday of november, which is said to bring joy, success and wealth. the citrine that is as warm as chunyang is a symbol of optimism and happiness. british blue is the color of the december birthday drop, sparkling with peace and quiet. the striking london blue echoes the confidence and trust of honey.

pandora drop series

the water droplets of nature are pure and transparent. it is like a cage, as if it can hold the beauty of the whole world. under the reflection of light, it can map all the good things. a flower, a plant. however, it is fleeting.we always try to keep the beauty of the water droplets, either by photography, or by incorporating it into the design – jewelry. pandora jewelry new drop series in autumn draws inspiration from the water droplets, using the finest materials of precious stones and metal, carefully polished, carefully crafted, crafted by outstanding craftsmen and crafted by hand. after perfect combination, it seems to be created.

a secret garden wrapped in water droplets. each bead of pandora’s new drop series in autumn is crafted by craftsmen, or inlaid or embellished, pandora necklace  presents a secret garden of water droplets in different poses. this season’s new product, using purple gems and sterling silver, is as dreamy, yet noble and elegant. out of praise for the unique beauty of women, beading can be tailored to your own hobbies, creating a unique personality. the simple, sleek suit is handsome, but it may be too masculine or stereotyped. with the embellishment of the water-dropping bracelets and earrings, it slightly neutralizes the lines that are too tough, adds a touch of femininity, and jumps out a touch of lightness and liveliness, making the whole style a perfect balance.

pandora rose gold ring with the concept of eternal and fashion, you can create a variety of styles in different occasions. the setting of pandora’s new drop series of rings in 925 sterling silver, the gemstones or enamels embedded in it show a small and round shape, just like the condensation of water droplets. stacking is the most in-line ring matching method nowadays, and it is also the safest and most beautiful way to wear a series of water droplets. the long skirt with black background is embellished with vintage prints to create a gothic romance. purple is the elf in the dark night, and is perfect with gothic black.

choose from a variety of choices and create a pandora garden that is your own! latest 925 silver pandora wedding rings symbolizes vitality and optimism, making the energetic and fashionable women even more glamorous. each practical and versatile design highlights the bohemian style, and can be worn with a delicate black jacket and swaying. the mix of mopping skirts, professional suits or dinner dresses makes it easy to create the glamorous look of everyday work and girlfriends.

review: pandora crown o in rose

today brings my next review from the pandora jewelry pre-autumn 2018 collection, with a closer look at the new crown logo charm! for me, the crown ‘o’ beads were the key pieces and highlight of the pre-autumn 2018 launch.a go-to bead for anyone who’s looking to represent their love of pandora, the crowns are also free of the cz detailing present on most of the other pieces from this collection. my favourite of all three finishes was the rose version of this charm – read on for some inspiration and close-up shots!the whole point of this charm is branding and celebrating pandora itself, so if you tend to avoid this heavily branded beads, then this bead probably isn’t for you.

it’s also quite an emblem of ‘new’ pandora, in my eyes. it’s an openwork, it’s bold and quite contemporary in style, and it’s available in all three of pandora’s key finishes.the design is an openwork one, meaning that it has no threads and simply slips on to your bracelet. the pandora bracelet chain is visible through the ‘o’. you can see it in silver and shine finishes in my pandora pre-autumn 2018 overview here. again, one of the things i loved most about the new rose padlock bracelet is how beautifully shiny it was, and the same applies to this charm. the rose pieces in particular just seem to glow when new.

the o itself is decorated throughout with cut-out hearts. this kind of detailing at one point became something of a turn-off for me, as it used to appear on all pandora’s generic ‘button’ beads, which we saw a lot of between 2015 and 2017. this actually predates the pandora logo, and perhaps even inspired it! this is much smaller and daintier than the new crown.i mentioned that i’ve been quite into my mini stylings recently, and i have been quite enjoying putting together smaller bracelet designs that aren’t quite so heavy on the character beads – these are the bracelets that i like to stack with my fuller charm bracelets.

these new crown charms are perfect for a standalone bead that will really set off a bangle or leather, as on the open bangle below. and, now that there’s a pandora rose gold charms open bangle coming out for autumn, you could always invert this look and put the silver crown on that bangle!as i said previously, this is my favourite new bead from the pandora pre-autumn 2018 launch. it’s very decorative and not a quite a traditional character charm, but it’s undeniably a great choice anyone who loves their pandora and still runs to the store to shop each new collection. it more than carries its own, so you could wear it as a focal point on a bracelet or simply on its own on a leather or bangle. the king crown is probably still is my favourite of the two charms, but this is a very nice option for those who want something a bit more ‘new’ pandora.

pandora disney summer 2018 collection overview

today continues my series of catch-ups, with a look at the pandora disney summer 2018 collection! while we haven’t seen a major pandora jewelry disney launch since the spring, there have been a number of new pandora disney parks charms released over the past few weeks. these are found in disney theme parks locations, but not in regular pandora stores.i’m quite a fan of this little mini release, which offers a fun mixture of new character beads and more decorative designs based around popular parks attractions to tide you over until the next major pandora disney launch in autumn.

read on for a full overview and live shots!this first pandora at disney summer bead is the adorable stella lou dangle, which is exclusive to the disney parks in hongkong. there are little mickey silhouettes hidden away in her ears and her feet, as well, as a cute extra detail! she’s priced at $799 hkd.the other beads are more widely available at parks locations across the world.the eiffel tower & minnie charm was previously only available in dlp (disneyland paris), but has now been released in the us disney parks, where it retails for $60 usd.

the first is the cheerful happy birthday button pandora charm bracelet, priced at $75 usd.accompanying it are some us exclusive dangles, also out today! the orange bird and enchanted tiki room charms are more engraved versions of the unforgettable moments pendants, priced at $65 usd each.i personally love the little stella lou dangle and its adorable purple box as i’ve mentioned before, i am such a sucker for pretty packaging! – even though i know nothing about the character herself.i get closer to starting a dedicated disney bracelet by the day!

i also think it’s fab to finally have a peter pan dangle, and would love them to go further and do a whole set of peter pan pandora graduation charm.there are more disney characters coming out in pandora stores the world over for autumn and winter. you can expect new charms for snow white and pinocchio for pandora disney autumn 2018 collection, and beads celebrating mary poppins and festive mickey/minnie designs for the pandora winter 2018 collection. i’ve not heard anything further from pandora about whether i can preview any of these in advance, but i am continuing to try to make it happen.